Cross Canada Roadtrip: Day 1

Today is the day! My countdown is finally at 0 days! I almost can’t believe that today is the day I begin my trip! You might be asking yourself, “What trip?” Well, let me tell you all about it! My roommate Julie and I are embarking on a Cross Canada Roadtrip. Final destination: Alberta. Reason for going: I’m going to stay with boyfriend in Grande Prairie until Christmas, and Julie is going to visit a friend in Lethbridge. Fun new fact: my brother Remi is coming along as well!

This first day was a bit hectic because our time of departure depended on what time my roommate would finish her nursing exam. I had assumed that it wouldn’t be until later in the morning so I took my grand ole time getting ready. But then I got an unexpected phone call while I was showering; Julie was already done at 9:30AM! Still in the shower, I texted her quickly, then called my mom to go and wake my brother. We hurriedly finished getting everything packed up while our mom boiled some eggs for us to take on the road.

We picked Julie up at her hotel and hit the road around 10:30AM. Remi decided he wanted to be the first to take the wheel since he was more familiar with Nova Scotia roads. Along the way, we decided we wanted to do the typical tourist thing and take pictures of all the province signs. First stop: find the Nova Scotia we missed on the way to Halifax – oops. Then immediately afterwards, take a second picture with the New Brunswick sign.

We kept driving until we got to Salisbury, where we proceeded to stop for lunch at Subway. At this point, Julie decided to take her turn driving through most of New Brunswick, until we got to Edmundston, where we were making a pit stop to visit her godson for a short while. Oh, and we couldn’t stop in Edmundston without trying their famous ployes. My brother had never eaten them so I asked a friend where the best place to go was, and we ended up at the Vieux Poêle Steakhouse. For those of you who might be wondering “What in the world is a ploye and how do you even pronounce that?” Well, it’s food that is comparable to a pancake, but it’s made specifically with buckwheat and is only cooked on one side. You can eat it with various toppings, my personal favourite being butter and brown sugar – yum! As for the pronunciation, I would say it sounds like “ploy,” but with a french accent.

I took the wheel from there on out – don’t worry, there were no Jesus-Take-The-Wheel moments. I only toughed about two hours before getting pretty sleepy, at which point Remi took over. Oh, and we of course stopped at the Quebec border to take a picture with that sign as well.

Our arrival time in Montreal was around midnight. Remi and I dropped Julie off at her sister’s apartment first, then proceeded to go to my boyfriend’s sister’s place. Coincidentally, they actually both lived on the same street, however they were about 3kms apart so we figured walking probably wasn’t a good idea. After taking 50 minutes to look for parking, I slightly regretted not having walked instead. But we did in fact find a spot just two streets away from Emilie’s place and ended up being in bed by 1AM. Dear God, am I ever glad to be able to get some sleep right now.


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