Cross Canada Roadtrip: Day 2

Oh God. Waking up has never been as painful. And yesterday wasn’t even the longest day of travel. Eek. Well, let’s hope for a better night’s sleep tonight.

Remi and I got up at 6:45, got ready and hit the road at 7:30AM. Of course, we didn’t leave without saying goodbye + a big thank you to Emilie for keeping us up for the night, especially so late on a week day. From there, we met up with Julie, her sister, and her father to get a quick breakfast. We filled our stomachs to our hearts content and then bid everyone adieu.

Remi took the first shift at 9:00AM, although it took us about half an hour to get out of the city, so we hit the open road by 9:30AM. I tried to get some much needed sleep but to no avail. The  road kept winding, the hours went by. We took a break to eat lunch in a town called Pembroke and then Julie took over as driver. Today must have been my lucky day; I didn’t drive for even a minute. Now don’t go thinking I didn’t offer! But it was only an 8 hour drive, out of which Remi drove 3 and Julie drove 5.

Along the way, we were lucky enough to be passing Lake Nipissing during the sunset and got some nice pictures of the beautiful scenery. Other than that, and gassing up, we made no other stops until we got to my family’s house in Blind River. Our hosts, Lois & John, greeted us at the door upon our arrival at 8PM, and they were even joined by my great-aunt Rita! Oh, and we can’t forget to mention Brandi – cutest dog ever! -who ran outside to greet us in the driveway. After we got our bags inside, they invited us to come and sit down to enjoy a nice home cooked meal. First on the menu: French onion soup made from scratch. WOW! It was honestly the best French onion soup I have ever tasted! And that was just the beginning! Next up was steak and baked potatoes for Remi and Julie, and homemade Alfredo for me – also made from scratch. This was all served with fresh corn, fresh bread, and homemade baked beans. I can’t even find the words to describe how amazing it all was. And as if that wasn’t already enough, John came out with dessert: strawberry filled spongecake topped with cool whip and coffee crisp crumbs. Oh my God. My mouth is watering as I type this!!

After we had eaten 15 minutes passed the point of “Dear God, I’m going to explode,” we decided to retire to the living room to chat while we took turns getting washed up.

It’s amazing the kind of hospitality you can get, whether it be from friends or family, near or far. Not that I wasn’t thankful up until this point, but this is one of the moments when I was immersed by this feeling: I am so fortunate.


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