Cross Canada Roadtrip: Day 3

Do you know how far it is from Blind River, ON to Winnipeg, MB? Let me tell you how far it is. It is 1527kms. It is 16.5 hours of driving. It is an endless winding road with no cell phone service. It is the longest day of our trip. It is countless pitstops at sketchy gas stations with incredibly overpriced gas. It is laughing, sleeping, feeling cranky, feeling hungry, feeling bored, for hours on end. It is all these things and as hard as it was to get through, I know it’s worth every minute of it!

It wasn’t a super eventful day, and I will spare you the boring details of everywhere we stopped, be it for gas, the washroom, or just taking some pictures along the road. Nevertheless, there were highlights during this long drive.

Let’s start by mentioning the view of the lake as you drive through Northern Ontario. Simply breath-taking! I actually found it quite similar to sceneries found in Cape Breton and loved that we could drive around surrounded by water, and then all of a sudden surrounded by mountains. It was a nice reminder of home, but with a unique beauty attributed to Ontario’s landscape.

During this long drive, I also did a lot of thinking, mostly about my last thought in the previous post. “I am so fortunate.” The fact kept rolling around in my head all day long. I am so fortunate to be able to travel. I am so fortunate to be able to do so with wonderful companions. I am so fortunate to be accommodated in such a hospitable manner every night. I am so fortunate to be able to create wonderful memories with everyone that I visit and encounter during this trip. I am so fortunate to be well, and alive, and happy.

And for all these things for which I am fortunate, I am also thankful. I want to give special thanks to my old roommate Chantal for hosting me and my brother tonight, in spite of our late arrival – again. It was so great to catch up with an old friend, and of course, the night wouldn’t be complete without a great conversation with my other half. And now I lay in bed half asleep, looking forward to all the amazing things that tomorrow will bring.


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