Cross Canada Roadtrip: Day 5


Can you tell that I’m jittery? Can you tell that I’m excited past the point of sitting still? Can you tell that I am overcome with joy just at the thought that today I get to see the one person I haven’t been able to stop thinking about these past two months? Newsflash: I AM!

Ok, calming it down now.

The alarm went off at 5:30AM and I was wide awake. I went to shut it up, got changed, packed up my stuff and went straight to the car. Unfortunately, I was not met with the same enthusiasm from my companions. They did wake up, nevertheless, 10 minutes later and slowly made their way to the car. And we were off to Alberta!

I wasn’t sure how to feel about today, concerning the length of the day. Was it going to be a quick day? The trip to Edmonton was only 5 hours, and then I would drive an extra 4 by myself to get to Grande Prairie. Or was it going to be a very long day given that I couldn’t wait to just get there? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Like every other day, we were looking forward to our little stop at the border to take a group picture. Oddly, there actually was no sign to advise you of crossing into Alberta, so we had to make due with tall orange polls that marked the divide in the town of Lloydminster. Very peculiar!

AND NOW WE’VE MADE IT TO EDMONTON! After enjoying a wonderful lunch with an old friend from down home, it was time for us to part ways. I drove Julie and Remi to the West Edmonton mall for our final goodbye, where we proceeded to hug and be our silly selves. Our last group shot and bam, I was on the last leg of the race! Final destination: Grande Prairie. Estimated time of arrival: 5PM.

It was very different to be driving by myself, especially in an area that was so unfamiliar. I stupidly chose not to gas up in the city and actually almost had to turn around if I had seen a gas station across the highway. It’s strange here in Alberta. You can actually use the meridian between the divided highway to get to the other side. I was hesitant at first but you know, if I have to choose between crossing a divided highway or running out of gas, I think I’ll stick to the first option.

I will admit, this part of the trip seemed never-ending. Time was going by slower than usual, however I was glad that the excitement of my arrival was keeping me wide awake so no need for extra pit stops.
When I finally saw the “Grande Prairie” sign, my heart nearly exploded. I was sweating bullets. For God’s sake, what is wrong with me right now?! My excitement has turned into nervousness, and I have no idea why! I kept driving and driving, following my dying phone’s GPS directions, but something felt weird. I kept thinking “This doesn’t look like where Maxime lives…” I double check the GPS and instead of having the specific address as the destination, it simply brought me to the middle of the city. CRAP! I pull over and hurriedly punch in the address into google maps, hoping it doesn’t die out before I get there. It gives me new directions, and although it’s only 10 minutes away, it feels like an eternity!

OK. I’m at the front door. At least I hope it’s the front door. Oh God, what if this isn’t even the right house? No, it has to be. His old green Chevy is parked in the driveway, and there’s no way that someone else on the same street has the exact same truck.

I knock.

I wait…

No answer.

I text Maxime with the 3% of battery life left on my phone.

I knock again.

I hear footsteps!

The door opens…

“Go away, we don’t want any,” he says with a smirk on his face.

I laugh and push the door open.

I walk inside and I am welcomed by the warm embrace of his arms around my waist and his lips pressed against mine.

I know happiness. I am immersed in it.


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