Birthday Celebrations

November 9th 1990 marks the day that someone I care about deeply was born. He is my right hand man, my partner in crime, my other half. And today, I get to celebrate his 25th birthday with him.

Turning 25 is a big turning point in some peoples lives, and I think it will bring many changes for both of us. So given the fact that we’ve been apart ever since we started dating, I decided to do something really special for his birthday gift. I crafted/bought a total of 25 gifts for his 25th birthday. He has no idea that I chose that concept, but only knows that I built something by hand for his gift. In case it wasn’t obvious, I suck at surprising people completely. I get way too excited and I give them hints, all the while attempting not to ruin the surprise itself. So far, so good!

I spent all morning doing laundry. Holy camoly. Since when do men own that much clothes?! 6 loads of laundry later, I was finally done. Of course, I kept busy while the machines did their work. I cleaned the room, finished unpacking all my things, and made a list of what I needed for the birthday supper. I actually managed to make it to No Frills without my GPS and without getting lost! … But then I had to get a few other items and I got lost on the way home – oops.

On the menu for tonight is Macaroni Casserole, which is what he eats every year for his birthday. And for dessert, I decided to try a new recipe for Carrot Cake Cheesecake that his sister posted on his Facebook wall. Let’s hope it tastes as good as it looks!

He got home from work at 6:30. I was just finishing icing the cake and there were just a few minutes left on the timer for the casserole. He sat down and looked exhausted. Poor guy. I got the meal out of the oven and prepared two platefuls. Smells delicious; tastes even better. YUM! We basically ate in silence, just shovelling spoonfuls of macaroni into our mouths. Have I mentioned how much I love macaroni? So glad it turned out well because we have leftovers for days!

I cleaned the kitchen up after supper while he took a much-needed shower. No, I am not implying he smells bad! He works with insulation and gets itchy if he doesn’t shower after work. Also the fact that he worked a 12 hour shift definitely merits a pipping hot shower to relax.

And now it’s gift time!! We sat down on the bed, I asked him not to judge me and I proceeded to explain to him that I’ve made/bought 25 individual gifts to celebrate his 25th birthday. His reaction was the cutest thing. While opening the presents, he kept saying “How am I going to be able to top this?” He also decides that for each gift he opens, I will receive the equivalent amount of kisses. We go through them, one by one, some of which are just simple things about us or about home, while others are more personal and thought out gifts.

Now it’s down to the last gift. He knows it took lots of hard work and preparation – four weeks to be exact, with all the little hiccups. I ask him to close his eyes because it was too big to be wrapped. He does so. I walk out to the storage closet and carry it awkwardly – it is no small item. I enter his room and place it on the ground, still holding one end to present it to him. He opens his eyes.

“Oh my God. Is that a hammock?”

“Oh my God, did you MAKE ME A HAMMOCK?!”

“Hahaha yes!!”


“Do you want me to give you the last gift?”

“…is it you??”


I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that he had guessed the last gift, but there you have it!

PS: We had Carrot Cake Cheesecake while Facetiming with Maxime’s sister and it was OUT OF THIS WORLD!


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