It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

November is on it’s last leg, and December is coming up soon. And you all know what that means… Christmas!!
I think I am overly excited about Christmas this year given the fact that I skipped out on Christmas last year, what with being in India and all. Sure, I got to talk to my parents on Skype, but it was really a change of scenery to not be surrounded by family and friends. This year, I’ll get to celebrate three separate Christmases: one in Moncton with my dad who will visit, one in Charlo with Maxime’s family, and one in Halifax with my mom. Luckily, I am now a pro at multi-Christmas celebrations, and it’s honestly one of my favorite part of the holidays.
OK, don’t get me wrong. Travelling in Canadian winter isn’t always great, but I always take my time and drive reasonably for the conditions and end up where I need to be at one point or another. I remember two years ago there was quite a storm on Christmas Day, and my ex-boyfriend and I had decided that we would travel from Bathurst, NB to Halifax, NS on that exact day, so as to see both our mom’s on Christmas Day. Well, it may have taken us all day, but we made it safe and sound, and still managed to spend quality time with both our mommas.


This year, it’s going to be a little bit more tricky. Some of you might be wondering, “Why is that? Charlo isn’t that much further than Bathurst?” Well here’s the thing: Max and I will be driving from Grande Prairie, AB, to get to Moncton, NB, for the first holiday celebrations. We don’t have a specific date of departure yet, as that will depend on when Max is off from work, but hopefully we will head out around December 18th or 19th to make it home for December 22nd. Fingers crossed for good weather for this long trip, at least!


In preparation for the holiday season, I decided we needed to decorate around the house here in Grande Prairie. It just doesn’t feel like winter without Christmas decorations! At first, I only bought a few decorations for our bedroom + I got us each an Advent Calendar for the month of December. But the more I mulled over it, the more I wanted an real Christmas Tree for the living room. When I brought it up the first time, Max agreed and said he would get me a little Charlie Brown tree. I thought that was a cute idea. That is, until I saw other people posting pictures of beautiful Christmas Trees in their homes. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a nice tree. And then I thought, “You know what would be even better? If we went out into the woods and cut the tree down together!” So I twisted his arm a bit and off into the woods we went! We scoped out a decent tree, but were hesitant to cut it down without looking around to see if we could find anything better. After another 10 minutes of searching, we gave up and made our way back to our initial tree. Much to our surprise, there was a beautiful thicker tree right next to the one we had been looking at! We knew right away that that was our tree, so we got to work hacking at the tree trunk with an ax. The trunk wasn’t too thick so it didn’t take long before the tree fell over. And don’t worry, it didn’t fall on me!


We walked back up the trail, Max dragging the tree behind him by the trunk. I also grabbed some branches in an attempt to make a wreath later on. But now was the tricky part: figuring out how to tie the tree on top of my Oldsmobile Alero without it slipping off before we made it home. Typical crafty Max got to work right away tying it with rope around the roof of the car, and it seemed to be quite secure. Here he is standing proudly next to the tree.



The tree did slip back a little bit during the trip home, but nothing to be worried about. When we made it back to the house, we took it down pretty easily and then went to see if we could find a saw in the garage to cut the bottom of the trunk evenly. Success! Max did the handy work while I set up a spot for the tree in the living room. He finished the work and started dragging the tree inside.


“Wait a minute… does this tree seem tall to you?”

“Uh… I don’t know. I figured it would be fine.”

“I don’t think it’s going to fit…”
We try to place the tree trunk into the tree stand and Max attempts to push it near the window in the living room. He was still about two or three feet away from the window when the top of the tree started scrapping the ceiling.




Luckily, the house is built with higher ceiling at the peak of the roof, so we were able to set up the tree next to one of the couches without damaging the top of the tree. Ouf, close call!


Next up is decorating the tree! I’ve actually been going to Michael’s quite a bit these past few weeks, and they had a great sale on Christmas decorations last week so I decided I would set a budget and buy just a few things for the tree. The decorations were to be simply, but beautiful. I went with two sets of white lights, a package of taupe and silver balls, and silver mesh. I also bought a small black and gold tree as a decoration for the banister that leads to the front door. So we got to work and set everything up on the tree together. I could not have been more impressed by Max; turns out he has an amazing eye for decorating!


Here it is, our perfect Christmas Tree:


As you can see, there are already two gifts under the tree. I just couldn’t wait to start wrapping! Soon there will be some more boxes and some cards hanging in the tree for all our family and friends. If you’d like to get a Christmas Card from our home to yours, don’t hesitate to send me your address within the next two weeks!


Can’t wait to see you all during Christmas break! xoxo


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