New roommates

This morning, as I was stuffing half a cookie in my mouth getting ready to head out for errands, two men walked up to me and introduced themselves. ‘Well, that’s weird,’ I thought to myself. I assumed they were random guys who crashed here last night given that there are two spare rooms in the house. It is only hours later did it come to mind that they might actually have moved in last night. And well, turns out they did.

I’m horrible with names, so let’s call them Chatty and Noddy. There was actually a third guy at some point, I’m not sure if he also lives here or if he was just hanging out with Chatty when I met him. But anyway, turns out Chatty and Noddy are brothers. Noddy used to live here last year with his dog. According to Max, he was a horrible tenant and Mike (the landlord) had said that he would no longer be letting anyone rent rooms here before of the mishap with this guy. You can imagine then that Max wasn’t thrilled to know that not only did we have new tenants, but that one of them was the same guy who had convinced the landlord to stop renting. So much for that.

But I’m not judging them by what I’ve heard. Chatty seems quite nice. We spoke three times so far, mostly just chit-chat, but he still made an effort to be friendly and polite. I don’t think I actually had a conversation with Noddy, but Max spoke to him briefly after they both got home from work. I didn’t feel like there was tension in the air, but it might build up from here on out. Here’s to hoping it won’t.

On the bright side, both Chatty and Noddy will be working long hours every day and we won’t see them very much. I’m also hoping that they’re just working a short contract and staying until that contract is over. Sure, they seems like nice guys, but they are two extra men that are now living in the same house as three other men and me. Mike (the landlord) hasn’t been home in almost a week, so at least that’s less traffic. And if I hadn’t mentioned it, the original roommate, Andy, is a hermit crab so I only see him when he gets home from work, specifically at 5:15PM every week day. Now that we’re 6 in the house, it’s starting to feel crowded, especially in the kitchen – AKA my favourite part of the house. We somehow have to fit all of our food in one fridge, make more space in the cabinets, and hopefully not step on each others toes when it comes to cooking. And we all know more men means more mess.

However, I will say how delightfully surprised I was that they cleaned the upstairs bathroom! It smelled wonderful, and everything was sparkling white. This is just an assumption, but I have a feeling that Chatty is the tidy one, whereas Noddy is sloppy and leaves all his stuff lying around.

I don’t mind cleaning up after others if it’s just once in a while, and it’s just a bowl or a spoon. But I’m worried that if I keep doing it, they will never get into the habit of picking up after themselves, or worse, they have no cleaning habits and don’t plan on getting any. If it comes to the point where it’s total chaos, I suppose I will try to confront them. Luckily, we’re heading back home in a little over a week so at least I won’t have to deal with that – if it does become a problem – for much longer.

Edit: Noddy’s name is Wyatt. Still didn’t catch his brother’s name.


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