For those of you who don’t know me that well, I’m kind of obsessed with being organized. I do the whole meal planning/budgeting/home organization/stock piling/frugal living lifestyle. All the food that I own are in containers and organized in cabinets by size. My clothes are either hung up in order of preference, divided into sections – sweaters, shirts, dresses – or in my dresser, divided into sections by drawers and containers. I’m a mason jar-a-holic. My bathroom cabinet looks like Bed, Bath and Beyond displays. So you can imagine my excitement when my boyfriend suggested I buy a label maker!!

I got it yesterday afternoon. And it was on sale! – duh, I don’t buy anything if it’s not on sale. Typical conversation with Max when I get home:

“Can I print the first label?!”

“I forbid you to print the word ‘Penis’ as our first label.”

“It’s not penis… hehehe.”

“Oh my God, you’re gonna write something horrible and put it on my face!”

He did in fact print the first label, and I got very worried when he left the table without showing me, walked to the counter, and pulled his pants down.
“Check it out.”

He shoved it in my face to show me:

photo 5-2


And ever since then, I’ve been thinking about the numerous things I could label. Mostly I got it to organize the kitchen, but it’s like I’m out of control! I want to label everything!!

photo 4-3


I pretty much love my label maker.


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