Last huzzah in Alberta before Christmas!

Well, this past weekend was our last weekend in Grande Prairie before heading home for Christmas. And we all know that calls for celebration, so I called up some of our friends – that’s a lie, I sent them a group message on Facebook – to invite them all over for supper at our place on Saturday night.

I was a bit nervous about the supper given that I was making a vegetarian meal, and most – ok, all – of the invitees were big time meat-eaters. I was a bit disappointed when Max suggested that he could also make tacos, assuming that they would all choose the latter and leave my dish behind in a cloud of dust – figuratively, of course. While we were buying the ingredients, I suggested maybe we should just stick with his meal as the main course and I could just make an appetizer, but he kindly convinced me that I should make it regardless, and that – in his opinion – it was a great meal that most guests will probably enjoy more than tacos.

I started the day off by prepping a nacho dip – my all time favorite “Mexican” meal. I got everything ready, with a little whisking help from my manly boyfriend, and stuffed that huge casserole dish into the fridge to cool during the afternoon. Next up was errands, AKA buying the forgotten items: nacho chips, avocado, and an orange pepper.

I already had the (best) dessert prepared from the night before: Aero Bar Squares! In case you’ve never had this, do it. It’s absolutely amazing, and it’s so easy to make!

Note to self: post a link up with the recipe. Everyone should try this shit out, it’s the best thing you’ll ever eat – if you like chocolate, eagle brand milk, graham wafer crumbs and coconut.

After we got back from buying the stuff we had forgotten, we got to work prepping everything for the main courses. Max thawed out the deer meat – yup, you read correctly, deer meat for tacos – and I started cutting up the veggies. We popped everything in the oven by 6:00PM and were expecting all the guests to arrive between 6:30PM and 7:00PM.

After texting and messaging them on Facebook a few times, everyone finally arrived a little past 7:30PM. Fortunately, we love them so we forgave them for being late. There was actually an extra guest as well named Tim, who had just landed from Ethiopia! We later learned a bit about his trip and how he almost died from a bacterial infection just last week. He was very fortunate to have been driven to a hospital where he was actually able to get proper care for the infection.

When everyone did arrive, we were all pretty hungry so I broke out the nacho dip, which was devoured immediately. Max grabbed some plates and glasses for everyone, and brought out my Tex Mex Casserole onto the kitchen table so that we could all serve ourselves. As always, Max was right, and everyone said the casserole tasted great. According to the others, the tacos were great too. I can’t comment on them, seeing as I’m a vegetarian.

During the meal, we ate, we laughed, we shared stories. It was a great time and I was so glad to be able to get to spend time with everyone before we headed back to the East Coast for the holidays. But the night wasn’t over yet. At this point in the soirée, Amanda suggested we all go to her place to play Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 in her basement. We all thought that sounded like a ton of fun, but we weren’t sure how we would all get there given the fact that almost everyone had been drinking.

Fortunately for us, Max, who hadn’t been drinking that night, came to our rescue.

“Do you guys all wanna ride in the back of the camper?”

No other words were needed, they practically all ran out the door. We cleaned up a bit and headed out.

Now, maybe I should have given a brief summary of what everyone had consumed that night. Tory had two drinks; Angel had three; Amanda had a whole bottle of wine; I had half a bottle of wine; Matt was drunk before arriving; Tim was buzzed but mostly just tired; and Max was sober. So now picture all of us riding in a 1970’s camper, in the middle of winter, in Grande Prairie. The ride was not the smoothest, and some among us paid the price.

We made a pitstop at No Frills, both to get booze and to get gas for the camper. Just as Max was pulling up to the gas station, Matt hurled into the (non functioning) toilet and ran outside. Apparently, Angel is faint of heart, so seeing Matt puking induced her to vomit in the parking lot as well. And I guess that she thought it would be a great idea to call Tory – who was inside buying more alcohol with me and Amanda – while throwing up. We ran back to where they were parked and could hear her laughing, pausing for a second, and then throwing up, only to start laughing again. “Clean up on aisle nine…”

We did make it to Amanda’s though, after having dropped Tim off at his hotel. Angel decided to take a nap in Amanda’s bed, and Matt eventually passed out on the couch in the basement while Tory, Amanda and I played Super Mario Party. I totally pwned everyone, and turns out I get really competitive and obnoxious when I’m drunk. Good times.

After a few rounds, everyone was just about ready to pass out, so we called it a night and drove everyone to their respective homes. It was definitely a great last huzzah in Alberta before Christmas.


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