Christmas: Take Three

OK, it’s the last Christmas, I swear! It’s time for Christmas #3 in Moncton with my immediate family on my dad’s side! Plans changed quite a few times, but the final decision was that everyone would come up on December 29th to have supper and open the gifts in Moncton, everyone would sleep over and they would head back home the following day.

Initially, Max and I had planned on also coming to Moncton on December 29th, but with the weather report announcing snow and not having bought any groceries other than the turkey, we figured it would be best to head home the night before.

We got up around 9AM on this third Christmas morning and headed out to do groceries and errands. Although we put off most of the errands because we were worried that the turkey should have been put into the oven before we left.

After all the food was purchased, as well as an aluminium tin to cook the turkey, we got right down to it! Max started on the Turkey while started prepping all the veggies. We were kind of nervous about the turkey, because I usually always make it from frozen, whereas some people never do because most turkey’s aren’t made to be cooked from frozen. And the thing is that I wasn’t the one who purchased the turkey, so we didn’t know for sure if we could in fact cook it from its frozen state.

We took our chances and did it anyway. As Max was walking from the counter to the stove, he noticed something dripping on the floor… There was a hole in the aluminium roasting pan! He rushed the turkey back to the sink, swearing under his breath. Damn, that means we’re going to lose more time since we have to drive back to the store to get a new one. But then I remembered that Julie owned a large casserole dish that the turkey might actually fit into. It’s not as good as a roasting pan, but at least it would mean we could put the turkey in the oven right away. So we decided to try it out and were happy to learn that it did fit in the casserole dish! Into the oven the turkey went, and we moved on to the next thing on the list.

We kept working like this all afternoon, exchanging responsibilities as time went by, and making time to finish all the errands we still had to run before everyone arrived. We were pleased to find out that everyone would only be getting there after 6PM, so that gave us just enough time to get everything done and ready for when the guests arrived.

On the menu was turkey, salmon, mashed potatoes with the skins, carrots & turnips, homemade coleslaw, homemade stuffing, gravy, extraordinary dip, cranberry sauce, and pudding chômeur. Katelyn also brought a carrot loaf for dessert as well. And let me tell you, everything was absolutely PERFECT! Flawless! Every single part of the meal was mouth-watering good, cooked to perfection! I couldn’t get over how well it all turned out!

I was also overcome with happiness when I looked all around me to see myself surrounded by such a wonderful family once again. My dad, my step-mom, my brother, my step-sister and her boyfriend, my step-brother and his girlfriend, and of course, my main man Max. Oh, and Kovu the cat, who was actually behaving for once. We shared this delicious meal. We shared stories and laughs.We shared smiles and drinks. We shared love and joy.

But we also shared gifts! As soon as we finished the meal, Max set up a fire and we went straight to opening presents. We all sat down around the Christmas Tree, Katelyn as the designated gift giver. For a moment, I forgot that they had already celebrated Christmas together in Sydney, so most of the gifts were just for Max and me. There was one gift from Max and me for everyone else, but they waited to open them after we were done. So I went first and received this beautiful keychain that says “I love music.” Max was up next. He opened up a gift that had a gas card wrapped up in it! I then opened another gift, some brand new kitchen knives!! This was the only gift I had known about and was excited to open. I was surprised that I had other gifts, because we were minimizing Christmas this year. But as always, dad always made sure we had a bunch of gifts to open regardless. Among the gifts, I received money, grocery gift cards and gas gift cards. But the funniest one was by far the last one I opened. I couldn’t believe the coincidence because Max and I had literally just been talking about needing one a few days ago. They got us a butter tray! Haha! Oh, and I musn’t forget to mention Max great gift: a straight blade razor!

Then we moved on to the gifts for everyone else. Most were all homemade, and I was hoping they would like them/that they would fit. And of course, my family was so happy to receive thoughtful handmade gifts, they couldn’t believe I had been able to do all that work in that small amount of time. (More about this will follow in my next blog post)

Of course, the night wouldn’t have been complete without a good round of Cards Against Humanity. Oh the laughs we had!! There were so many good answers too, it was hard to choose. The best one of the night was by far: “Crumbs all over the god damn carpet.” Good times! XD

As the night came to an end, I reflected on all these wonderful moments spent with my three families. Each was unique, and special. Each was absolutely unforgettable. They may say that Christmas only comes once a year, but there are rare exceptions and that’s how I know I am blessed to be able to spend quality time with so many incredible and loving people. Until next year!


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