A new year, a new adventure

I didn’t know how to bring it up, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but here it is: I moved to Alberta.

I made the choice just before Christmas, after having talked to my close friends and my family about it. One thing I realized about making that decision was that I made it on my own, and I’m not sure that was the best way to go about it.

What I mean by that is that I didn’t have a discussion with anyone concerning the impact that my decision would have on everyone around me; I just decided “Hey, I’m moving.” As I reflect upon, I realize know how unfair that was to a select (important) few. It wasn’t easy to choose this option, for many reasons, and I should certainly have gone about it a different way. I should have been clear and direct, but all the while listening to what others had to say in the matter so I could better weigh my options. But despite how sorry I am that I hurt some people by my rash decisions and lack of communication, I made the right decision.

It all happened pretty quickly. Max got a call on Saturday while we were in Halifax, so we drove back to Moncton on Sunday, packed our things, and left immediately. We didn’t have much time to say goodbye – or even to say hello to half of my friends – but we had a lot to do and were trying desperately not to forget anything. Side note: we still forgot a bunch of crap.

To everyone I didn’t get to see during the Christmas break, I hope you’re all doing well, and I wish I could have had more time to see you all despite our busy schedules. I’m available for Skype dates anytime if anyone wants to catch up though!

The drive up was actually the best one to date. We made a quick stop in Charlo, NB to see Max’s parents and pick up some of his things. I also got a pair of homemade wool socks from Max’s mom!!

Don’t mind my lazy ass slouching on the couch…

Next stop was Montreal, QC to stay with Max’s sister. This time, we actually had some time to spare so we got to hang out, eat supper at an amazing vegan restaurant downtown, see a movie – even though we couldn’t see the same one because Max and I waited until the last minute to buy tickets and it was sold out – and even play on musical teeter-totters!

We actually got to stay over at John & Lois’ in Blind River, ON this time and I even got to see my cousin Sarah and meet her fiancé Phoenix for the first time! Our stay there wasn’t very long though because of the long drive from there to Winnipeg, MB. Although we made great time and the roads were pretty nice the whole way. We arrived to Mireille’s place at about 11PM and chatted with her and her sister. We didn’t sleep a whole lot that night either because next stop was Grande Prairie, AB, AKA another 16 hour drive. And we even managed to get Edmonton before the gun store closed so that Max could buy some reloading dies.

Just so you all know, I actually did drive a few times during this trip, and Max drank a lot less energy drinks – yay! We made it home safe and sound around 10:45PM, although it took us about an hour just to unpack everything from the car! Then we promptly passed out and got some much needed rest.

Since our arrival on January 8th, exactly one week ago from today, I have been continuing my job hunt and got a pleasant surprise – an interview last Thursday at Crystal Parks School to be a Substitute Educational Assistant. When I got the call on Monday, I swear to God I almost crapped my pants I was so happy!! And it gets better… I got the job!! I just have to wait for my police check to get in three weeks from now, fill out some paper work, and boom, I can start taking shifts! It’s exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, especially since it’s substitute work. It’ll definitely be a challenge to form bonds with the kids since they might only see me once in a while. I said I would be willing to take shifts anywhere within the district, to get more calls, so that means jumping around a lot more. But it’ll all be worth it! I also dropped my resumé off at a game store where Max knows the owner and he said he could bring me in for an interview sometime soon since they need to hire someone part time ASAP. Doing both those jobs would be great because I could easily turn down a shift from the school if I already had a shift at another workplace. Although preferably I’d like to get more shifts at school since it pays quite well.

More good news: I started my own business called Carmen’s Crafts. All products are handmade by me, mainly knitted products, but there’s also a variety of do-dads of all kinds. More on that later – blog post to follow – but for now, feel free to check out my Facebook Page and my cool new website!

What else is new?? I feel like there’s just been so much going on and I keep not writing things down…

I can’t really think of anything else for now. Life is good, things are looking up! And I’m looking forward to everything that is to come throughout this new adventure, the good, the bad, and everything in between.



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