Superbowl Sunday

I’ve never particularly liked football – American football that is. So when we got invited to watch the Superbowl, I was not super excited. Surprisingly, most people weren’t that intense into football either so I felt a lot more at ease that I expected.

I may not enjoy football very much, but I’ll tell you what I do like: baking! I did a bit of research on Pinterest to see what I could make to bring, and when I saw football cupcakes, I knew that’s what I was making!

I got to work right away and immersed myself in baking. The recipe I had chosen was for making chocolate cupcakes from scratch along with vanilla and chocolate icing from scratch. I could taste the sugar already!

I actually worked meticulously making these, wanting them to turn out really nice since I was making them for friends – and strangers too, as it turns out. The results were incredible. Look how they turned out just coming out of the oven!


Max got to work mixing the icing while I prepped the second batch of cupcakes. Turns out making icing from scratch is really hard work when you don’t have a mixer, so thank God for my man’s muscly members! Side note: Did you like my alliteration there? 😉

After the cupcakes were done cooling down and the icing was all made, Max asked me if he could try decorating them. I reluctantly said yes, hoping he wouldn’t mess them up. And as always, he never disappoints – his decorating skills are on POINT! Check it out:

Football Cupcakes!

And here are the practice/funny ones, courtesy of Max:

Those top cupcakes were supposed to read “Streme Spoats”

I also prepped supper, a Quinoa Enchilada Casserole, in case we stayed there late/because we’re trying to eat well and not order take out. When everything was ready, we packed up the car and headed over. Oh, except not without making a quick stop to the liquor store for beer of course!

As unexciting as I think football is, we still had a pretty good time surrounded by good friends – and strangers (to me). We played endless games of beer pong, and I actually won a game for the first time ever – it was mostly due to my partner, but I’m pro at defending our cups. Oh, and the game was pretty good too I guess. The guys wanted to make bets about who they thought would win. Funny moment: they all picked the same team at the beginning – and the losing team at that! I think the losers ended up drinking a shitty beer. And then everyone decided it would be a great time to shotgun more beer so we all went out on the deck and filmed them doing it. Still not 100% who got it done fastest, but Max smashed his can on the ground first. True skills right there.

All in all, Superbowl Sunday was not as bad as I thought it would be.


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