That’s what the local latin dance company is called over here: Salsaddiction. And how true their name rings!

Last night, Max and I went out to an event called Fuego Fridays at a local bar where employees from Salsaddiction come out to teach and host an evening of salsa dancing!

Expectation: lots of creepy guys looking to pick up chicks and who are horrible dancers with little to no experience.
Reality: Equal amount of male and female dancers (give or take one) and almost every single man was experienced, polite and a great dancer.

The way it works: you get there at 8:00PM for a beginner lesson. The teachers get us all to face them and copy their moves. They teach us the basics, some turns, and a few more complicated moves. Then, we partner up and start practicing. Not long after we get a bit of it down dancing in couples, they tell us to switch partners. Uh oh, exiting comfort zone… Fortunately, every single man I ended up dancing with was very respectful and honestly, they were all amazing dancers!

I will say that I was pretty glad when the teachers announced we could return to our original partners. We kept dancing together for a bit, learning new moves, and then switched partners consecutively until we were almost back to our partners. At this point, it was already 9:20PM! Time sure flies when you’re having fun!

Max and I danced together for a while after that until we mastered all the moves! It wasn’t as easy though because the songs’ tempos varied more now that it was the real deal. When a quick beat salsa song came on, we tried to remember the moves from when we had taken classes together 4 years ago and we did pretty good! I think we were destined to be dance partners. 😉

Definitely a date night for the books!


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