I got a new planner!

I had been looking far and wide for a new planner, but I’m so picky and they can get pretty expensive. My biggest problem was that most of the ones I found didn’t have the full month layout, basically my favourite part of an organizer because you can see the bigger picture of what the month ahead looks like. But I finally made up my mind and splurged a little to get myself The Happy Planner at Michael’s!

If you know me, then you know how much I love to plan and organize, and what better way to do that than with an amazing planner? Not to mention I usually have a crazy busy schedule, so it’s mandatory that I write everything down and manage my time as efficiently as possible to accomplish all my tasks and goals!

This is actually my first full on planner since I graduated from University. The first year, it hit me hard that I wasn’t going to receive a free scheduler for all planning purposes, but regardless, it wouldn’t have been adapted to my non-student schedule, so I moved on and tried some free printable sheets for that first year. I got mine from Passion Planner and I enjoyed it a fair bit. The only down side was that I printed full size sheets – I found they were too big – because all I had to put them in was either a binder or my hand-dandy clip board that I bring with me everywhere I go. I still managed to make it work by carrying around 2 months worth of weekly sheets – as well as the full month sheet for both months – in my clipboard. And that worked well, that is until summer came around and my whole life kind of changed and I couldn’t commit to using a scheduler anymore. The fact that I was working at a daycare probably didn’t help since it wasn’t the type of job you would use a scheduler anyway. I was used to working in an office, so I was trying to change my habits but still managing my schedule as best as I could.

This year is much different, for various reasons. Firstly, because I have been unemployed for a while now, which made me wonder if it was worth buying a planner at all. Secondly, because I have been and will be travelling a lot this year, so if I was in fact going to buy a planner, I needed something to meet my needs for short term and long term. And also since I’m now starting a business of handmade crafts, I knew the planner would have to be suitable for daily time management so I could organize and plan how much time I spend working on projects.

The end result: The Happy Planner



I think I’m in love.


My favourite things about this planner:

  • Full one week layout on 2 pages
  • Full month layout on 2 pages
  • A full page dedicated to important information before each month!
  • And last but not least… a space to write notes on EVERY PAGE!

I am definitely looking forward to getting the most out of this gorgeous planner.


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