What can you do without spending any money? 

Apparently, a lot!

For those of you who don’t know, my boyfriend and I are doing a “No Spending Month,” and what that means is that we basically spend no money. Yeah, I guess that was obvious.

Fortunately, there is actually a lot of stuff you can do without spending any money. Since March 1st, we have:

  • Had a cookie bake-off
  • Played Monopoly!
  • Tried out amazing new recipes
  • Delivered some handmade products
  • Visited kitties and puppies at the SPCA (more than once)
  • Attended volunteer orientation at SPCA!
  • Found some old pallets to use for projects
  • Played music together
  • Made more desserts!
  • Gone to work (surprisingly, me more so than him!)
  • Gone to a horse show!
  • Cooked on the BBQ and watched the sunset
  • Gone to see a craft show (without making any purchases, of course)
  • Gone to the library
  • Visited the Art Gallery
  • Hung out at Long & McQuade
  • Finished some projects (me – yarn work; him – ammunition and fixing his truck!)
  • Attended a fire with friends
  • Received goodies in the mail from family and friends!
  • Made pies for Pi Day
  • Started doing a big clean-up in the house

I can’t believe how fast it’s going by, and I’m glad I feel that way. It’s not always easy knowing you aren’t supposed to spend any money for a whole month. But on the bright side – and surprisingly so! – Max has been super strict about not bending the rules, despite the fact that he did end up buying a coffee the one morning he was working this month. I totally understand though, he hadn’t been able to sleep a wink the night before and had to do a 12 hour shift. I don’t know how he does it!

Work has actually been keeping me pretty busy lately, so that helps with not spending any money. Unfortunately, the fact that I’m working so much means I need to have some kind of school appropriate snack – as in, no peanuts – and we basically don’t have any. So I did end up spending a little bit on snacks for work, only the bare minimum. We bought bananas, popcorn kernels, bits & bites, and salted crackers. I think we did pretty good, especially with all the tempting food at the grocery store, staring at us, begging us to buy them! … But enough talk about food, I’m getting hungry again!

I personally think it’s going really great so far, and I love that we’ve been able to find so many activities to do without spending any money. Notably, I LOVE that we’re going to the SPCA so often now! Sometimes it’s hard, because you wish you could just adopt them all, make sure they are all loved and cared for. But that’s unrealistic, and we just keep reminding ourselves that they’ll find they’re forever home soon enough. Our personal favourites at the shelter are Roger the Cat and Claude the Dog:

True love.
The biggest puppy there is also the cutest!

Making pies was pretty fantastic too! I got the pie crust recipe from my mom that same night, when I realized that we had some blueberries downstairs in the freezer! We got to work right away making the pie, only to find that the pie plate was nowhere to be seen! Crap. Now what? Well, our final conclusion was to use a cheesecake pan to bake the pie, and make it thicker since it isn’t as wide as a pie plate. Results: amazing!!! Side note: I may have put wayyy too much sugar in it.

Super thick, super sweet blueberry pie!

I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the month! We already have some ideas of what we’re going to be doing. One of our friends is finally coming back from the camp so we’ll be able to spend some good ole quality time with him. There’s also a few free shows coming up this week so hopefully we’ll be attending those as well. Oh, and we haven’t had a chance to stop by the local museum, where the entry is free of charge.

AND EASTER! You don’t understand how excited I am for Easter! I am pretty sad that I won’t be spending it with any of my family this year, but Max and I made an agreement to spend a small amount for Easter, and as you could have suspected, I already have everything planned out on my end! Stay tuned to hear all about it next week!


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