We’re moving back home

It’s official – both Max and I are moving back home!! We didn’t want to start announcing it too soon, but things are coming along pretty quickly, and then yesterday I got an e-mail from my boss in Moncton who asked if I could come back next week to start work early, so I figured it was probably time to tell everyone. 🙂

It’s not that I don’t like it here in Alberta, but I am beyond excited to go back to the East Coast! I never thought I would miss it this much, but I do. So as always, I started planning this trip way in advance and I basically just have to pack my clothes and toiletries and everything is done!

Initially, the plan was for me to go back to Moncton to work for the summer since I had received a job offer back at the zoo. The contract is for a maternity leave from May to mid-august, at which point I planned on slowly making my way back to Grande Prairie to continue working in schools when September came around. However, things changed a little bit – twice.

The first circumstance was when we got the news that our landlord was selling the house. For Max, this was sort of the final push that convinced him it was time to move back home. I had asked him before – duh – because we both want to be living there; the only problem is finding a steady job. Right now in Grande Prairie though, Max is only working a scarce few days every month, which was another contributing convincing him to move back.

So that was the tentative plan a few weeks back. All Max had to do was figure out how to get all his stuff – mainly his truck and his motorcycle – back home. He started talking with one of our mutual friends, Ben, who has a truck that could potentially haul all of Max’s stuff, and he confirmed that he would be moving back to NB on May 5th. It’s unfortunate that it wasn’t closer to my tentative departure date, which was April 25th – until today.

The second circumstance mentioned above is when I got an e-mail from my employer in Moncton saying that their budget was extended and that they could hire me three weeks earlier. So guess what? I’m leaving in next Monday! I’ll be driving across Canada all by myself, and so I knew I had to give myself lots of time for rest. I plan on doing the drive on a span of 6 days, leaving Monday April 11th. I’ll be stopping in Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Blind River, Montreal, and then home base: Moncton. I might make a detour and stop in Charlo, NB, but it’s still to be determined.

Of course, typical me rushed to make sure I could find somewhere to sleep in every region, and so far, so good. The only place I don’t have any contacts is in Thunder Bay, ON, but I plan on either doing some couch surfing or maybe getting a place through AirBnB. I actually found a place that’s within my price range, and that way I could even have access to a kitchen to cook food instead of getting take-out! But let’s slow down and focus on stuff that needs to be done here in Grande Prairie before we start working out all the details about travelling.

Part of me knows it would be best for me to take as many shifts as possible at the schools before I leave. But part of me is going to be really stressed out about packing and planning if I don’t take some time off to organize everything. Most likely, I won’t be working the rest of the week, but I’m still on call until Friday. I have lots of stuff planned out for how I’m going to pack and bring everything, but I think I need to take the time to actually do something concrete with these plans.

I don’t own that much stuff here, but I still need to pack efficiently and see how much of Max’s stuff I can bring with me too. So far, I’ve written up a list of everything we own, and then divided all those belongings into four categories: Packed, To be Packed, Sell, and Donate/Give Away. The good thing is that we have a good amount of stuff that we can pack beforehand and it won’t be too stressful to live without them. For example, Max packed up almost all his paintball gear, and I packed up all my arts and crafts products. That plus anything we’ve bought in bulk.

Sometimes I feel like we own so much stuff, but making the list made me realize that we really don’t, and that made me proud. All I have here are clothes, a few kitchen items, my electronics, my toiletries, and some arts and crafts. As for Max, he owns his guns, ammunition/reloading materials, paintball gear, his electronics, his truck, his motorcycle, his trike, and his tools – a LOT of tools. He also owns a computer, a desk, a table, a dresser and a bed, but we’ve already started selling all of that so I’m not too worried about furniture.

So now we just have to determine what is going into which vehicle/who’s bringing it back home. I figure I’ll just bring everything that’s ready and packed, whereas Max will bring everything else on May 5th since he’ll be the last one moving out of the house. (Side note: our roomies are gone!)

AHHH! I’m just so excited! I feel like I’m typing lots of stuff but I’m not aware of what I’m really typing. Maybe this whole blog post is just word-diarrhea. Let’s hope not…

Long story short, we’re moving back to the East Coast very soon! So if you’d like to see one of us along the way, leave a comment or send us a message to get in touch! And if you have any words of wisdom to share with a girl who’s never done any road tripping alone, please feel free to leave me some tips in the comment section below!



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