Holiday Travels – Part 1

It’s that time of year again – time to try to make all the schedules work so we can visit all our families during the crazy holidays.

It doesn’t help that both Max and I have jobs that do not allow for very much time off because of the time of year. So far, we’ve managed to visit one part of our family – the Bernards’ in Charlo, NB. Unfortunately, it was a quick visit since the time I had taken off was before Christmas, and Max ended up being called in on all three days. We only managed to leave Moncton on the 24th after he did a 5 hour shift. And we needed to be back in Moncton by 4PM today because I had to get back to work.

On the bright side, we had a wonderful time with Max’s family and really made the most of our time there. On the first day, we spent our time in the kitchen helping prep lots of stuff, then lazed around together waiting for supper to be ready. I was also super happy because I was able to Face Time with my dad’s family in Sydney, NS, who were all reunited at my step-brother’s house. My little niece just turned 2 months old today, and she was so adorable, even on a screen!

Another unfortunate moment happened just then – Max’s dad got called in to replace a hot water tank… on Christmas Eve! It was pretty disappointing, but Max did the right thing by going with his dad to help him do the job. Not only did it go much faster since they were two, but he also knew lots of little tricks that were incredibly helpful in reducing wasted time.

When they got home around 7:30, Max said hi to all my family, with whom I was Face Timing, and after watching them unwrap a gift or two we said good night and headed to the dinner table. And what a treat is was! Max’s mom made these amazing diced potatoes with cheese and green onions (with meat for the others, none for me of course) along with a huge Caesar salad for everyone to share.  The others also had ribs – yes, most of you can let yourselves drool, because apparently, they are the bombdigity.

But of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve at the Bernard household without their annual basement jam night. So downstairs we went, and even though every year somebody says “Ok, just a couple songs and then we’ll go to bed,” we all know that’s never going to happen, and it’s always going to end with me passing out on one of the couches because let’s face it, I am not a night owl. It didn’t help that the music was absolutely beautiful, I was completely relaxed.

Then came Christmas Day! As per usual, I was the first one up, but I’m used to it by now. I grabbed my books and my laptop – and of course a super cozy blanket – and started doing some trip planning.

A while later, Max’s parents got up, and then I proceeded to force Max to get out of bed – not an easy task. Then, of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas morning without Max going to wake up his sister by yelling obscenities. (Don’t worry, it was just about tacos this year)

Can you guess what was next?? GIFT TIME! It doesn’t seem to matter how old I get, that excitement always overwhelms me every year right before it’s time to start passing out and unwrapping gifts. To see the look on someone’s face, receiving something they had no idea they were going to get. To capture that shock, that joy, that laughter. That moment.




God, I love it! And the best part is being able to do this all over again, two more times!


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