Down day

Today was not a great day. Nor was yesterday, and that’s particularly disappointing because those were my two days off this week.

It’s funny how it ended up that way. I mean, it wasn’t like I had really bad days or anything, they just weren’t great. And the reason I say it’s funny is because I was actually making efforts to try to get out of the slums I ended up getting myself into. I did yoga both mornings. I spent some time with my mom – you would think that would help! I did some cleaning – purging = cleansing, but the effect was not long-lasting. I went on a date night. [Side note: HOLY SHIT THE MOVIE LOGAN IS IN-FUCKING-CREDIBLE!] I intentionally did not pick up my phone nor my i-pad this morning, and instead started reading a new book. I decided to give myself a make-over. I decided to try to take it easy by spending the afternoon watching TV and playing videos games. I had a glass of wine. I had my favourite meal for supper. And still, this mood remains.

I suppose that’s just how it is sometimes. We all have good days and not so good days. We all have bad days and sad days and days when we just can’t even. All these days will pass, and something better will come along. Tomorrow is a new day, and I welcome it with open arms. As I type this message I hope my heart feels a small sense of relief, that it doesn’t have to carry the weight of all these words anymore. The feelings can hopefully dissipate into each key I press and as time goes on, it doesn’t seem so bad – not that it’s “bad.” It’s just not good.


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