I’m not usually a nervous flyer

As I woke up at 4AM for my flight to Winnipeg, I felt nervous. Except this time, it wasn’t like an excited nervousness. No, this nervousness stemmed from two things that were stressing me out to no end.

A small part of me was nervous because I felt unprepared for this trip. If you know me, even in the slightest, then you know that I am constantly planning and prepping things – way in advance. And for I don’t know what reason, I had not done any of my usual travel planning. I did not make a checklist. I did not print a packing list until the very last minute (I am stressing out just typing this). I did not pre-pack. I did not think about the size of my suitcase, or that checked luggage was not included on the flight that I booked, so then I had to downsize  and leave behind half of my liquids. I did not, I did not, I did not. But I did feel stressed as fuck.

But the worse part is that all that stress wasn’t even the main reason behind my nervousness. The real reason was all because of a guitar. Specifically, my very expensive Gibson Blues King 3/4 size guitar that I needed to bring with me.

I was absolutely THRILLED when one of my very good friends not only asked me to attend, but also to sing and play in her wedding – in Winnipeg. I obviously said yes – as you can probably tell from the fact that I’m writing about how nervous I am to be travelling there – with no hesitation. But it later dawned on me that I had never actually travelled by plane with a musical instrument.

PANIC! UTTER PANIC! What do I do?! I have no idea what I’m supposed to do! How do I protect it? How do I keep it safe? Dear God, WHAT IF THEY BREAK MY GUITAR?!

Oh, and did I mention this realization only hit me a few days before the wedding day?

Well, I supposed that the best thing to do would be to ask for help, so I did what any young adult would do – I turned to Facebook.

Judge me all you want, but I actually got feedback from a lot of travelling musicians, some of whom I had not spoken to in a very long time.

I had a lengthy conversation via the comments section about whether to have it fly as checked baggage, or as a carry on, and whether to put it in a soft case, or a hard case. Pretty much everyone was in agreement – carry on, and soft case to take up less room.

Despite everyone’s helpful tips, I still decided to try to figure out a plan B. I e-mailed a man at the Long & McQuade music store in Winnipeg to see if there was any chance I could rent the exact same guitar (yes, I’m that picky). I got a response a few hours later, and unfortunately they didn’t even have any that resembled it.

So I was back to square one. I decided to call my local Long & McQuade to see if my warranty would cover any damages that might happen during the flight. More bad news.  At this point, I figured I might as well as him what he thought would be the best way to travel with my guitar. He gave me some useful information that I hadn’t actually thought of. He said to make sure to pack the entire case so that the instrument doesn’t move around in it (sweet, less clothes to put in my suitcase). And most importantly, he told me to loosen my strings!

I got right to work and started tucking my baby in for the night.


Another kind musician left me a comment on Facebook reminding me to loosen the strings if I’m flying, so I want to take the time right now to say thank you to all those who gave me tips or advice during this stressful time. I really appreciate the help, especially those who went out of their way to leave me a comment even if we haven’t spoken or seen in each other in forever.

And you’ll all be pleased to know that that both my guitar and I made it to Winnipeg in one piece!

My First Time

It happened! I actually stepped foot into a Tiny House today!!

Don’t get too excited, we haven’t even started building our Tiny House yet – but what a wonderful experience it was to actually go and visit one.

When I first stepped foot into the first Tiny House we were visiting at Kent Homes in Bouctouche, NB, I knew it was meant to be. A feeling I can’t quite describe washed over me. It was a mixture of joy and belonging, and knowing that I was right where I was meant to be in life. This is my future. I am a Tiny Houser.

I first spoke with Laura Maillet, designer and employee at Kent Homes in Bouctouche, about a week ago. It did not take long for us to set up a meeting time, as I had explained to her that I was interested in getting as much information as possible about Tiny Houses and their place here in Eastern Canada, more specifically in New Brunswick.

Laura was such a pleasure to talk with. We met up with her this morning at 10AM and we hardly stopped talking during the whole 2 hours we spent there.

As soon as we arrived, she greeted us and we went straight to visit the first of their two finished designs. The one we were about to enter was called The Haven, and it’s name was right on par – safe, comfortable, cozy, home. The inside was all wood, giving it a very traditional cottage feel, which is a big appeal for customers in Maritimes and surrounding areas.

The Haven had one large loft for a queen or king sized bed, and a smaller loft which can either be used for storage or as a small second sleeping area. Below that small loft is a custom built couch, which could also double as a spare bed if a customer wanted. Walking a little further into the house is a seating area across from a large screen TV mounted on the wall, and then the kitchen area – personal favourite! On one side, the fridge and the (steep) steps to the main loft. On the other side, some counter space, a four burner propane stove-top/oven, a sink, and lots of storage space! Gotta love that storage space. The house is also equipped with a washer-dryer combo (apparently not very efficient, as I’ve read in many reviews – at least not in Canada) and a nice washroom with a flushable toilet (could also be a compostable toilet), a small sink, and a nice shower.

One thing that stood out to me immediately was the amount of natural light coming into this Tiny House. Laura explained that the average 2-3 bedroom house will have 7 to 9 windows, whereas this particular house has 18, including the skylights. Every space in the home feels light and open, despite the size of the entire building being under 200 square feet. I was happily surprised, I did not feel closed in at all. It was even cozier than I had imagined, if you can believe it!

The more time I spent inside the small little house, the more it became clear that I really was taking a step in the right direction, that this was exactly where I was meant to be. And thinking of that made me wonder about Laura’s journey, and what it is that brought her to thinking about Tiny Houses, let alone designing them.

Laura’s daughter was apparently an environmentalist, very conscious of her ecological footprint, and began sharing information and pictures she would find online about Tiny Houses when they first came out in the early 1990s. Laura was intrigued. She had always been interested in small space designs and fell in love with Tumbleweed’s first series, which consisted of cottages. Since that time, she had always photos or images pinned up around her desk, and one day, a new VP walked into her office and noticed them. Given their growing popularity in the past few years, he suggested, “Why don’t we build one?” And thus the project was born.

Laura and two other employees from Kent Homes actually got the chance to attend a Tumbleweed Building Seminar in Boston – something I’ve long been debating! She let us know how informative the weekend was, and that they had even approached them to partnering up to do this project, but unfortunately, they weren’t ready to commit so Kent Homes decided to do the project independently.

Given their connection with Tumbleweed, they were their first choice for purchasing a trailer to start building their first demo Tiny House – The Haven. Unfortunately, Kent Homes had the displeasure of learning that trailers certified in the Unites States do not meet the Canadian standards. Therefore, their display model will probably remain a demo and never be sold, as it is not road-worthy in Canada.

The bright side: they found a hidden gem nearby. A company named Linkletter’s Welding Ltd (LWL), located in Central Bedeque, PEI, was willing to not only build them custom-made trailers (lowered floor between the wheel-wells), but also to certify the trailer and house as a whole. You read that correctly – they will certify both the trailer, and the plans for the tiny house. Because of this, Kent Homes is limited to only selling the plans that have been approved and certified, so there is not always room for customization. But if you check out their options online, you can see they are pretty much all great choices.

Once they had trailers on hand, they were ready to get down to business – starting the actual build of their first Tiny House.

Laura informed us that approximately 425 hours of work were put into building The Haven – keeping in mind that numerous departments had to play a part in the design and construction of the building, and this was in fact a demo home. She said after ironing out all the kinks, they were able to build a second model (their first sale!) in about 4-5 weeks, working on it full time. But she emphasized about taking the time that is needed to get everything done right, to figure out the best approach for individual project – and sometimes that means standing around for hours trying to figure stuff out.

One very interesting idea that Laura mentioned they had tried out was doing a taping exercise. Basically, they taped off the realistic proportions of the house walls, appliances, furniture, etc., to see how it felt to walk around in it, to make sure it’s comfortable to walk around everywhere and not feel confined in a small space.

“A house doesn’t have to be big, it has to be functional.”

Summer Planning!

It’s that time of year again – Summer Time! (Also known as Vacation Time!)

Obviously, I have started making plans. If by any chance you’re interested in coming to visit me and/or seeing me during my travels this summer, please leave me a comment or send me a message so I can make sure to fit everyone in!

My first plans are already for next week!

Solo Road trip #1 – Cheticamp in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 

I’ll be landing in Cheticamp Thursday, June 29th late at night – not making any plans other than crashing at my best friend’s house. I’ll be spending the entire day there on Friday June 30th, hoping to do supper with family, then heading back to Moncton on Saturday morning so I can spend Canada Day with my better half.

(Side note – if you want to make plans for Canada Day at night, let’s meet up for the fireworks!)

Solo Road Trip #2 – Cheticamp, again! 

I’ve marked this down as a solo trip because Max and I are both aware that he probably won’t be able to tag along. Summer is the hardest time of year for us to make plans because we just don’t have the same days off. I had requested to get Sunday-Monday off, but it wasn’t possible, so I’ve got Friday-Saturday, which are the only two days that Max works every week.

Despite being disappointed that I’m doing the trip home by myself again, this time it will be to visit the LeBlanc/Bourgeois family, all of whom will be camping out at the Beach! It’s gonna be a fun family weekend, and we’ll even be celebrating my step-mom’s birthday!

Although that was the main point of my trip, I was fortunate enough to get an extra day off work on Sunday to stop by the Inverness County Centre for The Arts where they will be hosting the grand opening of a Tiny House Exhibition! Really looking forward to attending this event and meeting some people from the area to talk about Tiny House Living! If you plan on going to this event, let me know!! And if for some odd reason you need a drive from Cheticamp on the way there, and a drive to Moncton on the way back, I have room in the car! 🙂

Garage Sale

Ok, so that’s not exactly a trip, but it is a part of our summer plans! We don’t have a date picked yet, but I’m hoping in early or mid-July! We’re going to have a ton of stuff to sell for cheap, so make sure you keep an eye out for our poster or Kijiji ad in the coming weeks so you don’t miss out!

Magic Mountain Day with the Mills Family

Nothing is set in stone, but my mom and all of my step-dad’s family usually come up to Moncton once each summer and we spend an entire day at Magic Mountain water park! My mom mentioned it might be in mid-July, so fingers crossed for good weather and that everyone can come visit at the same time!

Camping in Cap Pelé
Ok, we won’t be the ones doing the camping, but the Bernard’s will! Max’s parents have been camping in Cap Pelé every summer for quite a while now, and we are really looking forward to seeing them and spending time at the beach together! Weirdly enough, this is actually where I met the entire Bernard family for the first time ever, when Max and I had JUST started dating! Pretty special spot. 🙂

Halifax Buskers Festival

So this one isn’t even written in my scheduler, but I haven’t attended the Buskers Festival in at least 4 or 5 years now, and I really miss it. Plus, Max has actually never been, so I’m going to try to see if we can squeeze it in, if he’s not working. We could even do a day trip and just get home super super late… (fingers crossed!)


And the most exciting event of the summer… my university roommate’s wedding!!! I am so incredibly excited for this! Did I mention I’m flying over to Winnipeg for their marriage?? Yeah, it’s gonna be quite the adventure!!

During my stay, I’m hoping to visit with some of my friend in the area, and most definitely check out the Assiniboine Zoo!! Any other suggestions on what to see during my 4-day stay? Let me know in the comments below!

It’s gonna be an amazing summer, I can already feel it!

Summer Plans – Tiny House Festival

You must be thinking, “Did I read that correctly?” Well yes, yes you did. Apparently, this year is the third annual Tiny House Festival. The event is happening August 12th & 13th in Old Port, Montreal. Oh… AND IT’S FREE.

I’ve been looking around for workshops/meet ups/conferences – anything you can think of that has to do with the Tiny House Movement. Finally, I stumbled upon this.

Fingers crossed that I can get the full weekend off of work to be able to make it there, because it seems like a pretty cool event.

SIDE NOTE: If this is something that interests you and you’d like to drive up from New Brunswick with me, leave me a comment so I can contact you and therefor save myself lots of money on gas by bringing you with me. 

From what I could read on the website, the festival grounds will permit attendees to visit Tiny Houses models that are on site, listen to inspirational speakers on various subjects about Tiny House living and self-sufficiency, attend workshops about construction/finances/alternate energy sources, and much more.

The festival’s mission is outlined as follows: to promote an eco-friendly, affordable and healthy lifestyle which allows for increased self-sufficiency and independence. They also hope that by creating awareness about the Tiny House Movement, an increased amount of municipalities will accept the creation of Tiny Houses and/or will amend their laws to allow Tiny Houses in their region.

To be quite honest, I’m super pumped about attending this event, and I hope you’ll consider going too!

If you’re not convinced, you definitely need to check out this video.

And this one!



Ok… Ok… so let’s go back, month by month. Dear God, where did I even leave off? Somewhere in May? And still, that last post was basically just a super quick recap since I got back to Moncton. You did know that I’m back in Moncton, right?

So many things to talk about, so little time to type them all out!!

First things first: work! So, for those who didn’t know, I currently work at the zoo again – this time as a casual full-time working 10 months per year. And get this? My title is ‘Inventory Manager.’ I’m a manager!! I mean, of inventory. But still! This job has been keeping me insanely busy ever since I started, which hasn’t been so great for my social life,but pretty nice for my bank account!

When I did get some time off from work, I made sure to make the most of it – and this meant making tons of summer travel plans to see family, friends, and so much more!


The first trip on the list: Cheticamp for a Boudreau family get-together! What a fantastic weekend – seeing my little cousins, catching up with all my uncles and aunts, plus best of all, eating fresh lobster!! There really is nothing like going back home and catching up. Plus I was so fortunate that Max and Remi were both able to come for the trip!

Next up was getting to see two different CD releases from lots of my talented friends. Not only did I get to listen to Chrsitine Melanson accompanied by my old high school friend Maxim Cormier, but I also got to be there for Cy’s amazing CD launch too! Both took place at the Aberdeen Centre in town and sounded absolutely phenomenal! You definitely need to check out their music if you haven’t already done so!

And to finish up the month of June, I got a wonderful visit from all of my family on my dad’s side! We had a big BBQ supper at our place and then we got some big news – my step-brother Michael and his girlfriend Nicki announced that they are going to have a baby girl! We knew that a baby was on its way, but they surprised us by bringing in a big gift, which we opened after the BBQ. I suspected it had something to do with the baby, but we were all so happy when we opened it and saw a pair of pink little cowboy boots! She’s going to be some spoiled, that little girl!


Oh, and did I mention that it was Rib Fest that weekend? Ok, I, personally, wasn’t super excited, but the rest of the family sure was, so we made sure to swing by and we all got to stuff our faces. Yes, even me! There was corn on the cob, poutines, ice cream, and loads of other stuff, most of which did not have meat! The ribs were basically the only meat part of the event.


And although we forgot to take a big family picture together, we got this great shot of Remi, Dad, me and Max at the Rib Fest!



July was definitely the busiest month of the summer – 4 trips, a baby shower, some beach days, concerts, and so much more!

Ok, let’s start from the beginning. On the first of July, Max and I made a day-trip to Shediac on the motorcycle! We actually ran into my good friend Sarah, who was working there near the beach, so we caught up with her for a bit, got some ice cream, and then made our way to the beach for the afternoon to relax and catch some rays!


And for those of you who don’t know, July 1st is also Canada Day! So we spent that night watching the fireworks like we do every year, by the river in the downtown area.


As the days went by, I started getting everything ready for the craft fair in Cheticamp in mid-July. I made some new stock, got a Mailing List printed off, found some baskets and displays for my table, and made some signage. But it wasn’t time to go to the craft show quite yet. First off – Janice’s baby shower!
Our friends were expecting a baby girl, and this was the first time I had ever been invited to a baby shower in my entire life, so you can imagine I was pretty stoked! Max and I went shopping a few times and got them a few things, although I wasn’t too sure how it worked. I went to the baby shower by myself and was so glad when I saw there was at least one person I knew. We played lots of games and ate loads of food that all the guests had made. I actually got lots of compliments on my dessert – Aero Bar Squares! (Thanks Val!)

It actually lasted a lot longer than I thought, but it was fun. When it was all over, I headed home and Max told me that the diaper party was kind of an open party for guys and girls so I could head over if I wanted! When I got there, this is what I found:

Next up was the Craft Fair! Max was hoping to get some time off to come with me, but unfortunately he ended up working all weekend, so I drove down to Cape Breton with my brother – thank God, I have no idea how I could have managed without him!! Oh and my mom was an enormous help too, since she and Steve decided to come down to visit the same weekend! This visit down home was definitely the busiest one I’ve had so far. I hardly had any time to see family at all, so they all came to see me! I spent most of the two days at the Craft Show, and believe it or not, but I actually sold products for a total of $90! I was pretty proud. But mostly I was overwhelmed with the support from family and friends and I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to every one who came out to see me, even if it was just to say hi!

Not only was I super busy with the craft show, but I also had a gig the second night! I got asked to play some acadian folk music with two friends from home and I couldn’t have imagined asking for a better pair of musicians to play with! We had to practice the first day, so that took up the rest of my free time, and then the second night was the concert. We did get to see more faces at this event so I pretty got to see a big chunk of people I knew, however visits down home never seem to be long enough!

You would think that that would be it for the month of July, right? Well you would be wrong! We still managed to get even more things done! The following weekend, Max actually did get some time off, so we headed up to PEI to visit my dad and step-mom who were out camping for two weeks. We had made plans so that all of us could go up at the same time, so Remi, Max and I drove up from Moncton, and Joel went up to Miramichi to pick up Katelyn, both of whom met us there the second night. Unfortunately, Michael was working so he and Nicky couldn’t make the trip from Sydney. Nevertheless, we had a great time together, playing on the bouncy hill, going for walks along the beach, making campfires and best of all, eating delicious meals surrounded by my favourite people all weekend!



Finally, there was one last trip! Unfortunately, Max couldn’t get the time off for this one either, and Remi had started working as well, so I was on my own. I drove down to Cape Breton all by my lonesome and made it to Cheticamp during the day Friday. That night was the first concert of The Phantom’s 50 year reunion!! I was pretty excited and was really looking forward to heading there with Val and her boyfriend David. However, I was a little disappointed because everyone else I knew who was in town was only going to the concert the second night, which was going to be the biggest night. We still had a good time, but Val and I kept thinking it wasn’t as good as other concerts we’ve seen. It probably didn’t help that we were both dead sober.

So I went home around midnight, because I’m a party pooper and most definitely an early bird kind of gal. I crashed at my aunt’s house for the night as I usually do and slept so well. The next morning, I decided to take it easy and go grab some breakfast and eat it on the beach. And what a beauty of a morning it was!!


After I took a little time for myself, I headed up to visit my bestie at work, where they were having a Pokemon Go lure party – with free WIFI!! So I pretty much spent the rest of my morning there before heading back to Moncton. From there, I basically only had time to stuff my face with leftovers, pack a new bag, and Max and I were off to Charlo to visit his family!

We had debated how to proceed with travel plans for this because we were going up to see Cream Cheeze’s 50th anniversary concert on Sunday, but I was working on Monday so we decided to drive up Saturday as soon as I was back from Cheticamp/when Max was done work, so we would be able to spend some time with his family. It was still up in the air about when we would drive back, but his mom convinced us to stay overnight Sunday as well and we would drive back early Monday morning, since my shift only started at 11AM.

In Charlo, it was just as nice if not nicer weather than in Cheticamp! And lucky us, one of our friends – who currently lives in Alberta – was down for a few weeks and he invited us to go out on his speedboat! So off we went on a little adventure to visit Bird Shit Island, as they call it, and Heron Island.



You might be wondering, ‘Now what in the heck have you been up to in the month of August?’ Well I’ll tell you, a lot less. It was more down-time for this month, although I did still get to visit with lots of family and friends too.

The month started off pretty much the best way a month could possibly start. So our friends – same ones who had the baby shower in July – had announced during last Christmas break that they were expecting a baby. We later found out that it was going to be a baby girl, although we were still in Alberta at the time and at that point, we weren’t even sure if we would be back in town before she was born. Fortunately, both of us made it back to the East Coast, as you must all know by now, and we got to go see little baby Kaylee the day of her birth! Max went to visit earlier in the day while I was at work and actually sent me a picture of him holding the baby. When I opened it on my lunch break, I basically broke into tears. (Prepare yourself for “AWW”-ing)


Ok, let’s change the subject before I start bawling again!

As if that wasn’t enough, nothing marks the month of August quite like freshly picked wild blueberries!!

Max found the spot one day when he was driving for work, although he didn’t quite know what all those folks were picking. Since it was my day off, I decided to go have a look, and not surprisingly, it was a giant field of blueberries!! I hadn’t brought a bucket with me because it was quite hot and I wasn’t in the mood to actually go picking, I had initially just went to see what it was. But then I started picking a few. And then a few more. And then I filled up my purse!


And then, when I told Max and Remi, they were excited and wanted to go out picking too! So we made plans to go together the following day, and even though it was pretty muggy/drizzling, we made it through the afternoon and they each filled one mason jar of blueberries!


Then it was time to get to baking! We actually did a whole lot of baking during the month of August, especially with all these blueberries. Here’s the first blueberry pie I made:


But we didn’t just do at-home stuff during this month. Mid-month, my mom, step-dad and all his family came up from Halifax and we spent an entire day at Magic Mountain together! This year, the kids were actually all old enough to go on a quite a few of the waterslides so they all kind of ran off in different directions and Remi, Max and I got into our own line-up. We knew it would be busy, as we chose to go on a Saturday afternoon, but it was giving rain on Sunday, and who cares about line-ups when you get to spend time with family. 🙂

The first line-up was actually the worst, so we avoided that area the rest of the afternoon. And after that, we got to go on pretty much all the slides, except of course I opted out of the big scary ones. Oh, and we couldn’t go to the water park without doing the wave pool and the lazy river!

But the water fun wasn’t even over yet! After we were done at Magic Mountain, we got cleaned up and ended up just ordering pizza for everyone at the hotel where they were all staying. And of course, immediately after supper, the kids wanted to go into the pool, so we made our way down there. Remi, Max and I didn’t have our bathing suits but we hung out with them while they swam to their little hearts content.

The next day, the kids and my step-siblings headed back home right after breakfast, but my mom, my step-dad and my niece were staying for an extra night so I went to spend the afternoon with them at the mall where I got myself this gorgeous new purse!!


That night, we made sure to bring our bathing suits when we all went to visit them at the hotel and we spent most of the night going down the hotel’s brand new waterslide! Oh, and I spent most of my time in the hot tub.

The next day was a day that marks a very important part of who I am. August 15th is national Acadian Day! So that night was the big Acadie Rock concert happening downtown, and I was definitely not going to miss it! And to make the experience even better, my boyfriend made sure we stopped at some stores to get some acadian swag, and just LOOK how amazing his best friend looks riding on his motorcycle on the way to the concert!

And of course, we rode on the motorcycle too so that Max could wear his Acadian flag cape.

The concert was just as amazing as every year. They never seem to disappoint! And this year, PJ was 19 so we could all be on the same side of the event! The best part was by far watching Serge Brideau from Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire dressed up as Évangeline.

Ok, now time for more adventuring! Since I had a week off of work, we decided whenever Max would have a day off that we would go off to try to find Memel Falls. Everyone from work had been going on and on about them and kept saying how easy they were to find. But let me tell you, some people are not so great at giving directions!

The directions that were online were just as confusing, although we decided to follow them figuring they would be our best bet. We went down one road, and then took a right when we got to a fork in the road, like it had said to do. Then is when it got pretty confusing. We figured we were probably at the right spot so we stopped the car and started walking down one trail. Turns out it wasn’t really a trail, so we turned around and kept looking. Then we found a real trail, obviously walk-able, unlike the first one. So we make our way up through the trees and actually find some cool stuff. First, Max found some wild blackberries that were delicious! Then Max found an old scrap car and got pretty excited about that. We kept walking for quite a while and still couldn’t hear anything that sounded remotely like falls. We didn’t feel too hopeful at this point, so I took some pictures of the scenery that was around us. Still beautiful even though they weren’t falls.


After a good 10-15 more minutes of walking, the forest suddenly ends and we’re on a giant dirt road. Crap, this is the road we were at the first time. There are men working construction on the road so Max decides to go ask them for directions. They weren’t really sure exactly where it was, but they sure gave us better directions than the ones we found online. And lucky us, one of the guys offered to drive us back to our car instead of having us backtrack 45 minutes in the woods.

We hoped into the old man’s truck and he drove us down the rode, which was actually the correct road, we just hadn’t driven nearly far enough to find them. The road was only wide enough for one vehicle so when we came up to a car driving in the opposite direction, the man asked us if we were OK to walk the rest of the way so he could head back and let that car through. We thanked him very much for the drive this far, and our car was just up around the bend so he saved us a crap load of walking!

We started walking and the car from the other direction rolled down his window and actually gave us detailed directions about how to get to the falls. We thanked him as well and then saw a man and a young boy walking up, probably looking for the falls as well. We asked them and they were indeed heading there but also had no idea where to go. They had parked even further from the falls than us and had been walking for a bit, so we offered to drive them back to their car with ours, then we followed each other into the dirt trails until we made it to the right spot.

We all got out and were relieved to have found Memel Falls! Now all that was left was a quick hike down.

Max and our new friends all went in for a swim, but it was so freezing cold, I could only bear to put my feet in. They even climbed up and jumped from the top of the falls!

I really couldn’t imagine spending all my adventures with anyone other than this wonderful man.


And finally at the end of August, we got to spend some time with Max’s family who were down camping in Cap Pelé. We went up there a couple of times to relax.


No better way to end the summer than going to the beach and watching the sunset with family.

Summer 2015

In two days, summer will officially have come and gone. It really feels as though it’s gone by in the blink of an eye. I must admit that it was quite an eventful summer, compared to previous summers. A lot has happened, and a lot has changed. I’ve traveled, I’ve met new people, I’ve listened to new music and attended numerous concerts. I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve been confused and I’ve been upset. I’ve changed and I’ve grown as a person. And today, I take the time to look back at all of my experiences from this summer and how they have shaped me.

The month of June was an exciting one because not only did Richard and I have a trip to Boston planned out, but it also marked the beginning of summer for the kids at the daycare. The beginning of summer at daycare always means a week of jam-packed activities based on a theme, and this year, we chose to do Superheroes VS Supervillains! You can imagine we were pretty busy at work making decorations and planning games and activities for hours on end. We even went in to work the weekend before the first week of summer to get everything set up. As for our trip to Boston, it was actual a lot less expensive that we had budgeted, and we got to see one of his favorite metal bands, Dillinger Escape Plan. Did I also mention that we stayed at a Marriott Hotel and I got the room at half price thanks to Hotwire.com? Yeah, definitely a great way to start the summer!

OH! I almost forgot to mention the biggest highlight of June 2015: After six months, my credit card company finally reimbursed the fraud charges from my trip to India in November/December 2014!!! I can’t even begin to explain the relief that washed over me. It took numerous phone calls, both to the credit card company, and to our contact in India, countless e-mails to the police in India, as well as a well written, detailed complaint to the credit card company. To give you the shortened version of the story, we were victims of a scam the first day we arrived to Delhi and my credit card was charged for $5000 CAD. We only realized what had happened on the second day, and at this point we were 10 hours away from Delhi so we lied to our driver, got him to take us back to the airport where we were picked up by a wonderful gentleman who worked at the hotel that I had initial booked for our first night in Delhi. From there, I called and cancelled my credit card. Then we booked an actual tour for the remainder of our time in India and managed to do even more than we had hoped throughout our five week long trip. I even called the credit card company twice on Skype (thank God for wi-fi!), and both times they had confirmed the fraud charges and told me to go and enjoy the rest of my trip. Two months after we returned to Canada, my bank statement is still showing the fraud charge plus interest for the two months that I hadn’t checked my account. Panic washed over me as I tried to deal with the man who was responsible for my file. He basically told me that the chances of being reimbursed were slim to none. So you can imagine that after finally receiving that sum of money that I closed my account and switched back to my old bank.

In any case, let’s move on to July! The month of July was looking mighty fine. Richard and I made plans to go to a music festival called Afternoon Delight, to go to a good friend’s wedding in Edmundston, and to go down to Sydney, Nova Scotia for my dad and stepmom’s annual family reunion. But due to unforeseen circumstances, everything didn’t go quite as planned. And then a series of misfortunate events happened, and well… you’ll understand once I get into the details of it all.

We did end up going to Afternoon Delight, as planned, but for some reason thought it would be a good idea to come back home the same night instead of camping out like everyone else. Well, the music was pretty amazing all day, and I got to see one of my old friends from Nova Scotia that I hadn’t seen for years! There was also face/body painting being done (oh my god, basically my favorite thing ever!), food vendors, live painting, handmade crafts and clothing for sale, and much much more. The main reason we were going was to see a band called Moon Hooch. If you haven’t heard of these guys, you are obligated to click on the link and take a listen. You won’t regret it. And their live performance was IN-SANE! As exhausted as I was at 2AM, it was all worth it. And I feel incredibly thankful that Richard volunteered to drive all the way back to town. I attempted to stay awake and talk with him on the ride home but passed out cold within the first five minutes. Oops.

On Friday July 10th was our friend Janik’s wedding. I had had a hard time taking the day off work, because the wedding was at 7PM, in a town that was 5 hours away from Moncton. But in the end, I got the day off and was able to go. Richard, on the other hand, had booked a gig with his band in PEI the same night, so fortunately he didn’t need the day off, but was unfortunately unable to join me to go to the wedding. I ended up going with a gang of friends music university and we had a great weekend. The ceremony was absolutely flawless, as could be expected from such a lady. We danced, and laughed, and ate a ton of cake! We also made a fire and sang old acadian songs in four part harmonies. Amazing night. I got a drive back to town the next day with some of my guy friends because I didn’t want to stay in town for an extra night.

The next day, I get a text from my best friend who, at the time, was living out in Alberta. It sounds like something’s wrong, he texted “Gotta talk.” Obviously, as a caring person would do, I called him immediately. He wasn’t answering, which was odd because he usually always answer his phone. I go to hang up and feel suspicious about the way he had been texting and walk to the front door. As soon as I can see out the window, I notice him standing there, a smirk on his face. Typical Max decided to surprise everyone by not telling us he was coming to New Brunswick. He came inside and we talked for a bit while I got stuff ready because I was heading to a party in Cap Pelé that night. It was great catching up because he had been living out West for almost three years now and I only ever got to see him at Christmas time, if we were both around at the same time. It felt like old times telling stories about our family and friends.

And speaking of family, Richard had another gig booked for the same weekend as our annual family reunion on my dad’s side of the family, so I had been planning on making the trip alone. But then when I realized that Max was in town for a few weeks, I figured why not invite to come since he was pretty close with that side of my family. Plus, he was also best friends with my step-sister, who was unaware that he was visiting, so we decided it would be another surprise visit. I even managed to get Monday off work so we could drive down to my hometown in Chéticamp to go watch Ronald Bourgeois (definitely check out his music as well – french musician from my hometown). It was an amazing weekend filled with so many hilarious and beautiful moments.

The following week was a busy one, and led to the series of misfortunate events that was the end of July. I started to question whether or not I was happy with my life. I came to realize that I wasn’t; and it wasn’t easy to admit, neither to the people I cared about most, nor to myself. So after spending some time alone, I came to the conclusion that I needed to make a decision about my relationship. Richard and I had been together for two and a half years. It was coming to the point where I felt like I needed to decide whether or not I was in it for the long run. And sadly, I realized that I was not.

This month was particularly hectic because I had nowhere to live. Fortunately, I have amazing friends (and friends of friends) who graciously accepted to keep me up throughout the entire month. As for work – yes, Richard and I both work at the same daycare – it was a bit awkward to tell our coworkers, but it was going well and we knew how to be professional and to keep our personal matters at home.

Then came August. As hard as the entire month was, I still managed to make some great memories with family and friends: I started dating Max; I took motorcycle rides to visit Shediac, Gordon Falls, and Hopewell Rocks; I played a gig with my band Les imprévus for the acadian festival called Acadie Rock in Moncton on August 15th, which is Acadian Day (Fête des Acadiens); I went to see one of my favorite acadian rock bands, Les Hôtesses d’Hilaire, that same night and celebrated my acadian heritage and culture with all my friends; I got to spend time with my mom, step-dad and my niece who visited me in Moncton; I moved out of my apartment; and I finally moved into my new place.

And so that brings us to September. I was pretty glad when September came around, but the coming of September also meant that Max was going back to Alberta. Good news: that got postponed. Bad news: shortly after the good news, he got a call from a buddy in Alberta who said he found him a job. Max took the afternoon to get some more details on the job, talked to his parents and me about what he should do, and in the end, we all agreed he should take the job. So he booked his plane ticket right away and we drove to meet his parents in Miramichi to get all of his stuff. He was flying out the following day at noon.

Let me tell you that despite the fact that this is a new relationship (we became an official couple on the day he flew out), accepting the fact that we would be apart was so much harder than I had imagined. While we drove to the airport, I came to the realization that I had never had to say goodbye to someone before. I was usually the one who was travelling or leaving. And all of a sudden, I was in someone else’s shoes and I didn’t know how I was going to feel about that. Of course, I knew saying goodbye would not be easy, but I underestimated how much it would weigh on my heart. In the end though, saying goodbye is part of life, and it’s not so much goodbye as it is “See you later.”

About a week later, life decided it was not done giving me bad news. Friday evening, right before we were finished work, my boss asked me to go into her office. She had a very serious look on her face and I began to worry that I had done something wrong, so I prepared for constructive criticism. Unfortunately, that did not prepare me whatsoever for what she actually needed to tell me. I was told that I was being laid off in two weeks time. I talked with her for a bit about what this would entail. I actually ended up crying, and I felt so unprofessional. I asked if I could leave right away despite the fact that it was only 5:20pm, and she said that was alright. I called my family and close friends to tell them, and even texted Richard because I wondered if they had told the other employees already. I was pretty upset – and that is putting it lightly – because I actually loved my job. Not only that, but it paid well, had great hours, and I had benefits. Now I had nothing. I didn’t know how I would be able to face all the kids again, knowing that I would have to leave them in two weeks. I thought about it all weekend, and I called in sick on Monday (As a side note, I had actually been sick for over a week and was still having trouble breathing on Monday because of new medication). I called my employer again later in the day and decided I would prefer to be laid off immediately instead. So that’s what we did.

The next day, I applied for EI and started updating my resume, writing cover letters, and checking for job opportunities. Unfortunately, there aren’t many job offers for which I am qualified here in Moncton, and that was weighing down on me a bit. I called my mom and after talking for a while, she suggested that I could always go to Alberta to work there for a bit to make more money and spend some time with Max. I don’t know why, but the idea had never come to mind. I actual could. I didn’t really have anything holding me here, and I was due for some traveling. I had been checking flight prices for a while now anyway, so I could either get a one-way ticket and then figure out the rest later, or I could drive across Canada, which I had always wanted to do.

When I talked to my roommate Julie about the idea of going out West, she suggested we drive there together and split the gas (booya) and then she could get a flight home and I could stay there for an undetermined amount of time. I actually loved that idea right off the bat and I said let’s do it. So we’re doing it. We leave Sunday November 1st. I guess I’m going to Alberta!